Youth Equality Promotion Association - ADAPTO
Suntem o organizaţie de tineri, cu tineri, pentru tineri, indiferent de sex, nationalitate, culoare, religie, venituri, stare financiara, statut social, abilitati şi dizabilitati , vizănd dezvoltarea armonioasă a tinerilor pe baza principiilor egalităţii de şanse şi promovând voluntariatul.
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We aim to be the umbrella NGO for the youngsters that want and need to express them selfs democratically and like Europeans.

We are trying to raise Romanian youth to a European level by focusing on democracy and human rights, because everyone is born equal within the human rights.

Promoting the youths image
Stereotype toleration and elimination
Cultural and religious diversity
Promoting the creation skills, the organizing, coordinating and work skills of young people no matter their abilities
Equality, democracy, freedom as well as the right of active civic participation
Charity, solidarity and the volunteer power
Promoting the cooperation among young people fro their common successes of their projects.
Our Activities: 

1. Training Course "Youth Media Games", Ucraina, 12-20.05.2014
2. Training Course "East&West-let's unite!", Deutschlandsberg, Austria, 27.04-05.05.2014
3. Training Course "Make a difference for new generation", Pogradec, Albania 12-20.03.2014
4. Training Course “Inclusion should be lifestyle and life commitment network”, Kosiv, Ucraina, 16-25.01.2014
1. Training Course "We are Europe, we are the future", Zadar, Croatia 11-18.11.2013
2. Training Course " Enhancing Mobility for All", Echirolles Lyon France 14-19.10.2013
3. Training Course "European Values" Newcastle, UK 04-10.11.2013
4. Training Course " emPOWERing Skills”, Tirana, Albania, 1-7.10.2013
5. Youth Exchange - Time to film it - YE Sillamäe, Estonia 9-15.09.2013 
6. Youth Exchange - Employability for and by Everyone - YE Arry – Metz France 7-15.09.2013
7. Seminar  - Hard to Believe!  Luxemburg 27.08-1.09.2013
8. Training Course "Guidance handbook - Olanda 28.10-7.11.2013
9. Youth Exchange -  All wold’s stage -  ESTONIA 21-27.08.2013
10. Difabville - PBA  Kosiv Ucraina  04-14.07.2013
11. Cursul de formare "MED meetINclusion: LET´S DO IT!!!   Granada, Spain  27.06-03.07.2013
12. Evaluation Meeting Holland Bant 20-24.06.2013
13. Youth Exchange - Juicy lifestyle for 21st century 05-15.07.2013 Slovenia
14. Training Course "Global Challenges 19-25.05.2013 Bettembourg - Luxemburg
15. Training Course ”Intercultural dialogue. How to” Utrecht, Netherlands 09-17.04.2013
16. Seminar ”Break the silence” 04-10.04.2013 Praga, Cehia
17. Seminar Europe witout Barriers 03-09.03.2013 Luxemburg

1. Training Course Box of Games:  A Toolkit for Youth Workers Yerevan, Armenia 19-26.11.2012
2. Training Course "Sir/Madam, watch your step" 28.09-06.10.2012 Kosiv Ucraina 
3. Training Course  Rainbow’s Hope, European Youth’s Enthusiasm - Turcia Samandağ/Hatay 14-23.09.2012
4. participare la festivalul Rock the city 01.07.2012, Bucuresti
5. Youth Exchange "Sclupture Parc Incubator" 21-29.06.2012 Taujenu Lithuania 
6. Schimb de tineret "Salt Tale" 28.05-04.06.2012 Krakow  Polonia
7. Training Course “Inter - religious dialogue in youth work” 13-20.04.2012 Graz, Austria
8. Youth Exchange “Green Prevention of Unemployment” Rila Bulgaria 21-28.04.2012
2. Training Course  “Millenium Development Goals”  4-9.12.2011 Lisabona, Portugalia 
3. Training Course “IN-SIDE” 28.11-04.12.2011 Lecce, Italia 
4. Training Course “The key  to integration” 01-10.10.2011 Zevenaar, Holland 
5. Seminar “BE IN  Campain” 27-05.09.2011 Arry – Metz France 
6. Youth Exchange “Hello , Europe, this is me…a volunteer” 01-09.09.2011, Castrignano dei Greci, Italia
7. Participation to the festival of Artmania 12-13.08.2011 Sibiu
8. Participation to the concert of  Bon Jovi 10.07.2011
9. Youth Exchange “Be the change,let’s build a better Europe” 29-04.07.2011 Bruxelles, Belgia
10. Participation to the concert of Scorpions 09.06.2011, Bucuresti
11. Participation to the concert of Roxette, 30.05.2011, Bucuresti
12. Participation to the concert of Shakira, 07.05.2011, Bucuresti
13. Seminar  “Be In Kick-off seminar” 23-27.03.2011  Luxembourg
14. Training Course “Beyond Barriers”  3-11.01.2011 Tirana, Albania

1.Training Course "Strategic planning of sustainable social services develops trough cooperation with other sector" 17-24.09.2010, Cajn, Montenegro
2. Participation to the concert of Aerosmith 18.06.2010 Bucuresti
3. Training Course ”We belong to europe” 18-25.02.2010, Batumi, Georgia

1. Training Course "Equality in Opportunity" 06-13.12.2009, Derby, England 
2. Training Course "You Build!" 14-21.11.2009, Praga, Cehia
3. Training Course "Trough self for others" 06-11.10.2009, Riga, Letonia
4. Participation to the festival of Artmania 17-19.07.2009, Sibiu

1. Study vidsit “The Heritage in the Eyes of The Blue Seas” 05-12.10.2008, Bodrum, Turkey, 
2. Training Course „Skills for Power” Vilnius, Lithuania, 6 – 12.10.2008
3. Training Course „Road to integration” 20-29.09.2008, Krakow, Poland, 
4. Youth Exchange  Bilateral “From C to C” 05-17.08.2008, Lunteren - Lunca Mures, Holland – Romania, 
5. Training Course „The Rights and privileges of the Ethnical Minorities” 18-25.05.2008, Chisinau, Moldova,  
6. Training Course „Advanced Training on Quality” 18-22.03.2008, De Glinde, Holland 
7. Training Course „Creative Leadership – Training On Intercultural Leadership And Communication” 16-23.02.2008, Mollina, Spain, 

1. Training Course ”IUVENIS 2007: Equal Opportunities for Young Workers” 28.09-04.10.2007, Gozo, Malta,
2. Seminar ”Multiple Discrimination as it affects young people” 20-22.09.2007, Bruselles, Belgium,
3. Seminar ”Youth and Sport Forum 2007” 17-24.06.2007, Bonn, Germany,
4. Training Course ”Methods and practices for Facilitators dealing with intercultural and inter-religious dialogue in international youth exchanges” 13-20.05.2007, Strasbourg, France,
5. Training Course ”Creative Leadership – Training On Intercultural Leadership And Communication” 10-19.02.2007, Mollina, Spain,


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